Selected Recent Publications

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Research Articles:

1. Yugang Guo, Yu-Qing Xie, Min Gao, Yang Zhao, Fabien Franco, Mathias Wenes, Imran Siddiqui, Alessio Bevilacqua, Haiping Wang, Hanshuo Yang, Bing Feng, Xin Xie, Catherine M. Sabatel, Benjamin Tschumi, Amphun Chaiboonchoe, Yuxi Wang, Weimin Li, Weihua Xiao, Werner Held, Pedro Romero, Ping-Chih Ho*, Li Tang* (2021)  Metabolic reprogramming of terminally exhausted CD8+ T cells by IL-10 enhances anti-tumor immunity. Nat. Immunol. 22; 746-756. (Cover Story) *is corresponding author.

2. Yi-Ru Yu, Hana Imrichova, Haiping Wang, Tung Chao, Zhengtao Xiao, Min Gao, Marcela Rincon-Restrepo, Fabien Franco, Raphael Genolet, Wan-Chen Cheng, Camilla Jandus, George Coukos, Yi-Fan Jiang, Jason W. Locasale, Alfred Zippelius, Pu-Ste Liu, Li Tang, Christoph Bock, Nicola Vannini, Ping-Chih Ho (2020) Disturbed mitochondrial dynamics rewire the epigenetic program for CD8+ TIL exhaustion. Nat. Immunol. 21; 1540-1551. (Cover Story)

3. Haiping Wang, Fabien Franco, Yao-Chen Tsui, Xin Xie, Marcel P. Trefny, Roberta Zappasodi, Syed Raza Mohmood, Juan Fernández-García, Chin-Hsien Tsai, Isabell Schulze, Florence Picard, Etienne Meylan, Roy Silverstein, Ira Goldberg, Sarah-Maria Fendt, Jedd D. Wolchok, Taha Merghoub, Camilla Jandus, Alfred Zippelius, Ping-Chih Ho (2020) CD36-mediated metabolic adaptation supports regulatory T cell survival and function in tumors. Nat. Immunol. 21; 298-308.

4. Wan-Chen Cheng, Yao-Chen Tsui, Simone Ragusa, Marco Mina, Viktor Koelzer, Fabien Franco, Heinz Laubli, Benjamin Tschumi, Alfred Zippellius, Daniel Speiser, Pedro Romero, Tatian Petrova, Kirsten Mertz, Giovanni Ciriello, Ping-Chih Ho (2019) Uncoupling protein 2 reprograms the tumor microenvironment supporting anti-tumor immune cycle. Nat. Immunol. 20; 206-217.

5. Pu-Ste Liu, Haiping Wang, Xiaoyun Li, Tung Chao, Stefan Christen, Giusy Di Conza, Wan-Chen Cheng, Chih-Hung Chou, Magdalena Vavakova, Charlotte Muret, Koen Debackere, Massimiliano Mazzone, Hsien-Da Hung, Sarah Maria-Fendt, Julijana Ivanisevic, Ping-Chih Ho (2017) α-Ketoglutarate orchestrates macrophage activation through metabolic and epigenetic reprogramming. Nat. Immunol. 18; 985-994.


6. *Ping-Chih Ho, Jessica Dauz Binhuniak, Andrew N. Macintyre, Matthew M. Staron, Xiaojing Liu, Robert Amezquita, Yao-Chen Tsui, Guoliang Cui, Goran Micevic, Jose C. Perales, Steven H. Klenstein, E. Dale Abel, Karl Insogna, Stefan Feske, Jason W. Locasale, Marcus W. Bosenberg, Jeffrey C. Rathmell, and *Susan M. Kaech (2015) Phosphoenolpyruvate is a metabolic checkpoint controlling Ca2+-NFAT signaling and anti-tumor T cell responses. Cell 162; 1217-1228. *is corresponding author. (Cover story)

7. *John P. Ray, *Matthew M. Staron, *Justin A. Shyer, Ping-Chih Ho, Heather D. Marshall, Simon M. Gray, Brian J. Laidlaw, Koichi Araki, Rafi Ahmed, Susan M. Kaech, and Joe Craft (2015) The interleukin-2/mTOR axis designates the reciprocal signaling, differentiation, and metabolism of T helper 1 and follicular helper T cells. Immunity 43; 690-702. * is co-first author.

8. Guoliang Cui, Matthew M. Staron, Simon M. Gray, Ping-Chih Ho, Robert Amezquita, Jingxia Wu, and Susan Kaech (2015) IL7 induces TAG synthesis through the glycerol channel aquaporin 9 to sustain memory CD8+ T cell homeostasis. Cell 161; 750-761. 

Selected Review Articles:

1. Michelangelo Certo, Chin-Hsien Tsai, Valentina Pucino, Ping-Chih Ho*, Claudio Mauro* (2020) Lactate modulation of the immune response in the inflammatory versus tumour microenvironment. Nat. Rev. Immunol. (In press) *is corresponding author.


2. Fabien Franco, Alison Jaccard, Pedro Romero, Yi-Ru Yu, Ping-Chih Ho (2020) Metabolic impairment orchestrates formation of exhausted T cells. Nat. Metab. 2; 1001-1012.

3. Haiping Wang, Chun-Hao Lu, Ping-Chih Ho (2020) Metabolic adaptation orchestrates tissue context-dependent behavior in regulatory T cells.  Immunol. Rev. 295; 126-139.

4. Xiaoyun Li, Mathias Wenes, Pedro Romero, Sarah-Maria Fendt, Stanley Ching-Cheng Huang, Ping-Chih Ho (2019) Targeting metabolic pathways to enhance anticancer immunity and immunotherapy. Nat. Rev. Clin. Oncol. 16; 425-441.

5. Pu-Ste Liu and Ping-Chih Ho (2018) Mitochondria fuel and orchestrate immune responses. Mitochondrion 41; 45-50.


6. Haiping Wang, Fabien Franco, and Ping-Chih Ho (2017) Metabolic regulation of Tregs in cancer: Opportunities for Immunotherapy. Trends in Cancer 3; 583-592. (Featured article)

7. Daniel E. Speiser, Ping-Chih Ho and Gregory Verdeil (2016) Regulatory circuits of T cell function in cancer. Nat. Rev. Immunol. 16; 599-611.

8. Ping-Chih Ho*, Pu-Ste Liu (2016) Metabolic communication in tumors: a new layer of immunoregulatoion for immune evasion. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer 4; 4-12. * is corresponding author.