Research Team

La Cime

Postdoc. Fellow

Francesca Alfei, Ph.D.

Research interest: T cell exhaustion and the tumor microenvironment

Giusy Di Conza, Ph.D.

Research interest: macrophage and tumor immunology

Limei Wang, Ph.D.

Research interest: Tumor immunology and immunometabolism in dendritic cells

Chin-Hsien Tsai, Ph.D.

Research interest: metabolic crosstalk between tumor and tumor-infiltrating T lymphocytes

Yi-Ru Yu, Ph.D.

Research interest: T cell exhaustion and mitochondrial biology in T cells

Franziska Puschel, Ph.D.

Research interest: To be defined

Research interest: Microbiota-mediated metabolic regulation in myeloid cells

Sofie Hedlund Moller, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Student

Alessio Bevilacqua

Research interest: Metabolic reprogramming in memory and exhausted T cells

Fabien Franco

Research interest: Mitochondrial dynamics in T cell differentiation

Alison Jaccard

Research interest: Metabolic intervention for T cell-based immunotherapy

Xiaoyun Li

Research interest: Macrophages and the tumor microenvironment

Anna Kohl

Research interest: Mitochondrial guidance in T cell exhaustion

Research interest: Metabolic adaptation and targeting in regulatory T cells

Kung-Chi Kao

Lab Manager and Research Assistant

Yao-Chen Tsui

Lab Manager

Sheue-Fen Tzeng

Research Assistant

Amrita Manchala

Research Assistant

Stefania Vilbois

Research Assistant

Master Student and Intern

Lorene Rousseau

MD/Master student

Research interest: To be determined

Pia Neubert

Master student

Research interest: Metabolic crosstalk between tumor and tumor-infiltrating T lymphocytes

Lia Dahl

Research intern

Research interest: In vivo CRISPR screening


Pu-Ste Liu, Ph.D.

Training Period: 2015-2017 (Postdoc.)

Current Position:

Principal Investigator, NHRI, Taiwan

Wan-Chen Cheng, Ph.D.

Training Period: 2015-2018 (Ph.D.)

Current Position: pending

Chun-Pu Lin

Training Period: 2016-2017 (Intern)

Current Position:

Ph.D. student, NKI, Netherland

Haiping Wang

Training Period: 2016-2020 (Ph.D.)

Current Position:

Postdoc., University of Geneva, Switzerland