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Research Team


2020 Winter retreat.jpg
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Postdoc. Fellow

Tzu-Hsuan Chang.jpg

Tzu-Hsuan Chang, Ph.D.

Hometown: Taiwan

Research interest:

Cytokine and innate immune cells guided T cell exhaustion

Research interest: Immunometabolic regulations in dendritic cells and memory T cells

Hometown: Denmark

Research interest: Lymph node-instructed anti-tumor immunity

Hometown: Taiwan

Research interest: T cell exhaustion and mitochondrial biology in T cells

Hometown: China

Research interest:

CAR T cell immunotherapy and T cell exhaustion

Pei-Chun Hseuh.jpg

Pei-Chun Hseuh, Ph.D.

Hometown: Taiwan

Research interest:

T cell metabolism and meta-epigenetics

Hometown: Korea

Research interest:

Hepatocellular carcinoma and myeloid cell biology

Mei-Chun Lin.jpeg

Mei-Chun Lin, MD/Ph.D.

Hometown: Taiwan

Research interest:

Cancer metabolism and metastasis

Janusz von Renesse.jpg

Janusz von Renesse, MD/Ph.D.

Hometown: Germany

Research interest:

NASH and tissue-resident macrophages

Ana Belen Plata.jpeg

Ana Belen Plata,

Hometown: Spain

Research interest:

Lipid signaling and diet-instructed T cell differentiation

Jaeoh Park.jpg

Jaeoh Park, Ph.D.

Yingxi Xu, Ph.D.

Limei Wang.jpg
Sofie Hedlund Moller.jpg
Yi-Ru Yu.jpg

Yi-Ru Yu, Ph.D.

Sofie Hedlund Moller, Ph.D.

Limei Wang, Ph.D.

Hometown: China

Yingxi Xu-2020.jpg

Ph.D. Student

Alessio Bevilacqua.jpg

Alessio Bevilacqua, MS

Hometown: Belgium

Research interest: Metabolic reprogramming in memory and exhausted T cells

Karina Hadju.png

Karina Hajdu, MS

Hometown: Brazil

Research interest: Mitochondrial dynamics in T cell exhaustion

Lorene Rousseau.jpeg

Lorene Rousseau, MD

Hometown: France

Research interest: Epigenetic reprogramming in cell therapy

Yi-Hao Wang.jpg

Yi-Hao Wang, MS

Hometown: Taiwan

Research interest: Metabolic signals in dendritic cells

Hometown: Switzerland

Research interest: Dendritic cell dysfunction and DC-guided microenvironmental features

Stefania Vibois, MS

Stafania Vibois.jpg
Kung-Chi Kao 2023.jpg

Hometown: Taiwan

Research interest: Metabolic adaptation and targeting in regulatory T cells

Hometown: Taiwan

Research interest: Metabolic regulation in metastasis and T cell exhaustion

Kung-Chi Kao, MS

Yu-Ming Chuang.jpg

Yu-Ming Chuang, MS

Lab Manager and Research Assistant

Yao-Chen Tsui.jpg

Yao-Chen Tsui, MS

Hometown: Taiwan

Lab Manager/Mouse colony

Mai Matsushita, PhD
(in coming)

Hometown: Japan

Lab Manager/Ordering/Project coordination

Sybil Bron.jpg

Sybil Bron

Hometown: Switzerland

Research Assistant

Teresa Crispim_Photo_7.11.23.jpg

Teresa Crispim

Hometown: Portugal


Incoming members

Sofiene Dhiab, MS

Hometown: Tunisia

Stanislav Dergun, MS

Hometown: Ukraine

Jie Ting Low, MS

Hometown: Marlaysia

Mina Tsakovska, MS

Hometown: Bulgaria

Hilma van der Horst, PhD

Hometown: Netherland

Zhiyu Li.JPG


Pu-Ste Liu.jpg

Pu-Ste Liu, Ph.D.

Training Period: 2015-2017 (Postdoc.)

Current Position:

Principal Investigator, NHRI, Taiwan

Wan-Chen Cheng.jpg

Wan-Chen Cheng, Ph.D.

Training Period: 2015-2018 (Ph.D.)

Current Position: Scientific writer (Astrazeneca)


Chun-Pu Lin, MS

Training Period: 2016-2017 (Intern)

Current Position:

Ph.D. student, NKI, Netherland

Haiping Wang.jpg

Haiping Wang, Ph.D.

Training Period: 2016-2020 (Ph.D.)

Current Position:

Postdoc., University of Geneva, Switzerland

Chin-Hsien Tsai.jpg

Chin-Hsien Tsai, Ph.D.

Training Period: 2018-2020 (Postdoc.)

Current Position:

Assistant Professor, NDU, Taiwan

Sheue-Fen Tzeng.jpg

Sheue-Fen Tzeng, Ph.D.

Period: 2018-2020 


Current Position: Investigator,

NDU, Taiwan

Lia Dahl.jpg

Period: 2019-2020 

(Master Student)

Current Position: Scientific assistant, BioNTech, Germany

Amrita Manshala.jpg

Period: 2020-2021 

(Research assistant)

Current Position: PhD student, University of Zurich, Switzerland

Lia Dahl, MS

Amrita Manchala, MS

Giusy Di Conza.jpg
Pia Neubert.jpg
Francesca Alfei.jpg

Giusy Di Conza, Ph.D.

Zhiyu Li, MD​

Pia Neubert

Francesca Alfei, Ph.D.

Training Period: 2016-2021 (Postdoc.)

Current Position:

Head of Research (iOnctura)

Training Period: 2021 

(Visting PhD student)

Current Position: Surgeon, China

Period: 2020-2021 

(Intern & Master Student)

Current Position: Associate Scientist (Anaveon)

Training Period: 2019-2021 (Postdoc.)

Current Position:

Senior Scientist (Amal Therapeutics)

Fabien Franco.jpg

Fabien Franco, Ph.D.

Training Period: 2016-2023 

(Master and PhD)

Current Position:

Postdoc., University of Calgary, Canada 

Xiaoyun Li.jpg

Xiaoyun Li, Ph.D.

Training Period: 2016-2023 

(Intern and PhD)

Current Position:

Postdoc., University of Basel, Switzerland

Johannes Schwenck.jpg

Johannes Schwenck, MD

Training Period: 2021-2023 


Current Position:

Physician Scientist, University of Tuebingen, Germany

Jhan-Jie peng.JPG

Jhan-Jie Peng, MS

Training Period: 2021-2023 

(Visting PhD)

Current Position:

PhD, Chang-Gung University, Taiwan

Alison jaccard.jpeg

Alison Jaccard, Ph.D.

Training Period: 2019-2023 


Current Position:

Postdoc., University of Pennsylvania, USA 

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